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The problem with reassurance

How to break the cycle of reassurance Parents of anxious children know that giving reassurance over and over again can be draining and that it seems to only work for a shorter and shorter time. The more you give reassurance, the more you’ll have to keep giving it as the child becomes dependent on the…
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Lets Talk About Pregnancy Loss – Dr Leon Levitt – The West Australian

Let’s talk about pregnancy loss Women who experience miscarriage and stillbirth often feel profoundly alone but burying grief can come with a heavy price, writes KATIE HAMPSON The West Australian10 Apr 2019 “At least you’ve already got a child.” “At least you know you can get pregnant.” “It’s for the best because there was probably…
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Parenting and the Iphone

Parenting and the Iphone The first iPhone only came on the market on June 29, 2007. In the short time since then, we have been part of the greatest upheaval of social interaction since the telephone was initially invented, even more than the invention of the TV. We are now constantly available, constantly interacting with…
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How to help you baby flourish

How To Help Your Baby Flourish Article printed in the West Australian Wednesday March 20 2019. Want to give your baby the best chance of breezing through their milestones? The answer is not to cram their playtime with digital learning apps or hothouse them in a room full of educational toys. “What that really reflects…
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