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How to help you baby flourish

How To Help Your Baby Flourish Article printed in the West Australian Wednesday March 20 2019. Want to give your baby the best chance of breezing through their milestones? The answer is not to cram their playtime with digital learning apps or hothouse them in a room full of educational toys. “What that really reflects…
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Priobiotics for your Child

The Latest on Probiotics for your Child. There is new and ongoing research into the effectiveness of probiotics in a variety of conditions affecting our children, including ear infections, allergic rhinitis, chest and other infections. It is a very exciting area of research. Unfortunately, the results are very mixed – showing small benefits only, and…
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Using Dummies – Pros and Cons

USING DUMMIES - PROS AND CONS Not all babies take to dummies. Some prefer their own fingers or thumbs while others have no particular need for anything. The benefits of dummies: 1. Studies have shown use reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 2. Dummies can help babies soothe themselves, and they satisfy…
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Tips for Managing Eczema

Tips for Managing Eczema  Healthy skin is like a well-built brick wall. In eczema, the skin is dry with gaps between the skincells. Emollients (moisturiser) fill these gaps and help hold moisture in the skin. Emollients hydrate and soften the skin and are used to treat or prevent dry skin. Emollients are different to cosmetic…
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