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Children’s Eczema Care

Children’s Eczema Care works with children and their families to help manage eczema well. We collaborate with other health providers including child health nurses, pharmacists, GPs, dermatologists, immunologists and paediatricians to ensure the best outcomes for children.

We see babies and children with eczema.

We also work with other healthcare providers including GPs, Child Health Nurses, Allergists and Dermatologists.

Clinic appointments include:
a detailed health assessment for your child
development of an eczema management plan
demonstration of how to apply eczema treatments correctly

Eczema workshops are ideal for families wanting to learn more about managing eczema.
Workshops cover:
what eczema is
things that manage eczema well, including demonstration of how to apply eczema treatments correctly
the role of allergy in eczema

Eczema workshops are also available for Healthcare Providers.


Jemma Weidinger is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner with postgraduate studies in child health and allergy nursing, and a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
Jemma has 20 years of experience in paediatrics and has a particular interest in babies and children with eczema.”



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