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How to choose an Obstetrician! Avoid these 5 things….

1. Indecisiveness - we mostly need our obstetrician when things go pear shaped, and at those times we need them to act quickly and confidently. We cannot afford a wishy-washy obstetrician.

2. Grunting - we need them to talk to us, to communicate, to explain and show empathy. So make sure they have at least the rudimentary interpersonal skills

3. Big Hands!

4. Easy going - we want them to be worriers. We want a bit of anxiety/OCD, so that they don’t miss things. We do not need a “She’ll be right mate” type of approach when we are paying them to worry for us!

5. Too fat, too short, too old, too good looking,…. too anything! When you are in your glory, legs apart pushing, you do not want to notice them. You just want to know that they are there, somewhere in the background and that they will come to the rescue if it does not go as hoped.

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