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Supporting your journey through early parenthood

Our Vision


Helping parents make a good start to parenting
Guiding families through the first months with their baby
Excellence in medical and nursing care to the new mother and baby


Our Background

With over 25 years' experience caring for expecting mothers and fathers, delivering thousands of babies and providing ongoing care for the growing family, the founding GP Obstetrician of Baby Steps Health Centre, Dr Leon Levitt along with his partner/associate Dr Maria Kailis have become well aware of the needs of new families.

Dr Levitt and Dr Kailis have observed the challenges their patients have had in accessing quality child health care when they needed it, and decided to create a better way. They have developed an integrated, multidisciplinary private medical centre to assist families in the early stages of parenting.

The Baby Steps team have recruited the highest quality allied health providers alongside them and experienced enthusiastic and caring staff. Together all these experts in mother/baby health, have created a whole new approach to family wellness, through the Baby Steps Health Centre.

Young mothers and fathers in Australia find themselves in a difficult position. They are having their first child as an older adult, with less hands on assistance from close family, with greater expectations on them both as breadwinners and contributors to the workforce, and with greater expectations upon themselves to be the "best" parent. And yet, they are discharged from hospital very early in the process with little follow up and professional advice.

Their Obstetrician has largely completed his or her role and will usually only see them again at a 6 week check. Their Paediatrician, appropriately, is interested primarily in the sick child, not the issues of parenting a well child. Their GP may or may not be experienced in the newborn phase for the mother or baby. The hospital discharges them within the first few days post birth and the amount and availability of visiting midwifery services depends on their service providers. Child Health Services are increasingly busier than ever and are aware of the extra needs of new parents. Baby Steps Health Centre, aims to complement these services and fill any gaps in service provision.

The first 6-8 weeks especially is a scary time to the new family. The mother's body and the baby's needs and responses are changing frequently, and there is often a serious difference between the expectations of the inexperienced mother and the reality of parenting a newborn infant. This is a time where more assistance is required not less. This is where Baby Steps Health Centre can help you. A child medical centre with a difference. A difference created by medical and nursing expertise together with specialist physiotherapists, psychologists, lactation consultants and dieticians. An integrated, multidisciplinary private health care centre to assist families in the early stages of parenting.