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TENS – a natural drug free method of pain relief for labour.

Through the use of a pocket sized stimulator you can help your body to release its own pain inhibitors (endorphins) during labour. The placement of the electrodes over the appropriate spinal cord levels will also act as a natural blocking or interrupting mechanism to the pain pathways going to the brain. Ideal for those interested…
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Gender Preference and Disappointment

I was reminded of a ‘hot topic’ the other day after talking with 2 clients (separately) in their therapy sessions and I thought that it might be useful to some of you in baby-baking mode to share my thoughts about it. What am I talking about? I’m talking about gender preference and disappointment. Yes. Preferring…
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Will pregnancy belts help my back or pelvic pain?

Many women experience pain in their lower back or pelvic pain in pregnancy. Pelvic pain can be pain in the buttocks and back of thigh (often confused with sciatica) or in the pubic bone in the front. Commonly, you may find the first few steps when you get out of bed, or turning in bed,…
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Will sleeping on my back during pregnancy hurt my baby?

Ideally it is best to sleep on your side with a fat pillow between your legs during pregnancy. This allows your pelvis to be in a neutral position and even out the pressure on the parts of the body that are supporting your increasing body weight. Body pillows that you can mold around your bumps…
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