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I Hate Having To Go To The Toilet All The Time!


How many women complain that they find it a nuisance to have to empty there bladder so frequently? How much is too much ?

It is considered normal to empty your bladder roughly 7 times a day & once at night. This will vary according to the amount of fluid you are drinking & when you are drinking it , the level of activity & how much you are losing due to perspiration.

A good indicator is the colour of your urine – it should be very pale from mid morning onwards. If you urine is dark or bright yellow you are not drinking enough!

If the volumes you are passing are very small this could indicate either bad habits or an irritable bladder (this does not include pregnancy).

It is just as bad to hold on too long & overstretch your bladder frequently. Your bladder muscles will lose tone as you age & then you will be sitting on the toilet twice as long as it trickles out!

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