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Baby Steps provides a professional, quality medical service to families who wish to circumcise their sons. Our Doctors and Nurses care for your child with great experience and professional excellence, allowing parents to have confidence that their child is in the safest of hands.

The Perth Circumcision Clinic was established by Dr Leon Levitt, an experienced Western Australian General Practitioner Obstetrician, with over 30 years experience performing circumcisions in neonates (boys under the age of 12 weeks.) He has performed over 14000 circumcisions in the clinic setting. Dr Leon has great experience and technical excellence in dealing with the many different appearances of the foreskin and penis.

The entire procedure takes less than 60 seconds. It is quick, simple and safe and the child settles down after a short period of distress within 1 to 15 minutes. Parents have the choice to be present at the procedure, or stay in another comfortable room and wait for their child to be brought back to them.

At the Perth Circumcision Clinic we offer parents choice as to the type of anaesthetic and pain relief that they want for their child. No doctor or technique can truly claim to be completely pain free, but at Perth Circumcision Clinic we can deliver the closest to a pain free procedure for your child, just as you wish. We use the following forms of pain relief.

  1. Local Anaesthetic Creams. The most common of these are EMLA and LMX4 cream. At the Perth Circumcision Clinic, LMX4 is offered to parents as a choice to apply after arrival at the clinic, approximately 15 – 30 minutes before the procedure. We will supply and apply the cream. It can be used to reduce the sensation at the tip of the penis and/or for the purpose of reducing the discomfort of the regional block.
  2. Local Anaesthetic Injections (Regional Block). Local anaesthetic can be injected under the skin either as a dorsal nerve block (centrally over the top of the penis near to its base to anaesthetise the dorsal nerve of the penis) or as a ring block (several injections around the middle of the shaft of the penis subcutaneously). This is by far the most successful local anaesthetic technique available, and is used commonly around the world. It is particularly important where the techniques used require more than a few minutes operating time. Please note that these injections are not always perfectly effective, can have complications of swelling, bleeding, and in themselves can be uncomfortable for the child. At the Perth Circumcision Clinic, we offer parents the choice to have this regional block applied to reduce the discomfort for their child. We would apply the local anaesthetic cream first to the base of the penis and later the regional block. In this way, most babies do not feel the procedure at all.
  3. Sucrose Syrup. Sucrose Syrup has some minor analgesic benefit. Therefore at Perth Circumcision Clinic we use it immediately after the procedure to help settle the baby more quickly.


Circumcision for older children and adults is not available at the Perth Circumcision Clinic, therefore a General Anaesthetic is not offered at Perth Circumcision Clinic. If your child is older than twelve weeks of age and requires a circumcision, you can make an appointment with our doctor at no out of pocket expense, for advice on how to access a reliable and safe circumcision for your child.

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Meet our Team


Dr Leon Levitt

General Practitioner

Dr Leon Levitt is a caring, experienced General Practitioner and Obstetrician, as well as the director and founder of the Baby Steps Health Centre.

Dr Levitt has consulted in family medicine in Wembley for over 30 years and during this time has delivered babies for thousands of mothers, and cared for them through early childhood. He has strong expertise in the care of infants and mothers, children, parenting and general practice procedures.

He founded Baby Steps Health Centre to enhance the delivery of health services to the young mothers of Western Australia and help them make the best start that they can to parenting.

Dr Levitt was trained by an experienced general surgeon and supervised through the first several hundred circumcisions. He has subsequently trained a neonatal paediatrician, Dr Steven Resnick, now head of KEMH Department of Neonatology. After many months of observation, and supervision, he continues to perform the procedures with Dr Levitt’s experience at his call in a nearby room, and they continue to cover each other and assist each other when a difficult case arises.

Dr Levitt has been flown to Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore to perform neonatal circumcisions. There is no other practitioner with greater experience in Australia in this field.

Outside of medicine, Dr Levitt has contributed to the community through leadership of numerous charities including those dealing with parent mental health, refugees, social change and education.

jo jacobs

Jo Jacobs

Registered Nurse

Jo has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, and feels lucky to have found a career in nursing. She trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and then completed her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Flinders University in Adelaide. 

Most of her professional experience is in emergency nursing, nursing management and practice nursing.

She lived and worked in Canada for 10 years, during which time she gave birth to identical twin boys. A move back to Adelaide saw her return to emergency nursing, this time at Flinders Medical Centre, a major metropolitan trauma centre.

Since relocating to Perth in 2008 she worked for 10 years in General Practice, until she found Baby Steps, which she describes as the best job she has ever had. She feels lucky to be a part of the Baby Steps team, as she really enjoys the contact with babies and new mums, and also assisting with minor procedures.

Outside of work, she loves exploring WA by caravan, spending time with her spoodle dog Bella, and travelling down to the wine regions of the South West and South Australia.

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