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Occupational Therapists in Perth

Children are unique in their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual characteristics, and equally so in their skill development. Every child deserves the ability to learn and engage in therapy in a way that suits their individual personality and needs.

Occupational Therapists have expert training in child development, anatomy, physiology, and paediatric conditions, allowing them to assess and analyse the reasons behind a child’s difficulty in performing specific tasks and create a personalised treatment plan to address them.

Specialising in

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Occupational Therapists
at Baby Steps

Camilla Holt Paediatric OT

Camilla Holt

A real-life Miss Honey for the Matilda in every child, Camilla has an inner calm and gentleness that kids gravitate towards. Highly skilled in her field, she is passionate about helping children gain proper handwriting techniques, and in sharing her knowledge for parents to emulate in at-home activities.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)

Over 20 years experience assessing and treating children
Has worked in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the UK

Joint hypermobility

Mother of four and Cat Mum of two
Gym and travel enthusiast
Foodie and restaurant connoisseur

Dylan Grogan OT

Dylan Grogan

A revolutionary in Occupational Therapy, Dylan brings everything to life through his play-based approach. Injecting fun and meaning into the practical activities he curates, Dylan is a magnetic force for families looking for therapy that meets their goals.

Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)
Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Over 11 years experience as Paediatric and young adult Occupational Therapist
Founder and Director of the WA ROCKABILITY GROUP
Worked as Disability Services Manager in the East Kimberley

Integrating music in therapy
Family-centred approach
Using fun, meaningful and practical therapy to implement in home and school

Musician by night
Hopes to one day run a music-based therapy program for all

Lynne Scheepers

I moved to Australia from South Africa in 2009 and have lived in Perth since 2013. I have 3 adult children of which 1 is still studying and living at home. I love to be active and being outdoors and enjoy walks on the beach and along the river with my husband and cavoodle, Molly. I enjoy gardening and socialising with friends and family. I love to listen to music and a sing in a community choir. I enjoy cooking new dishes for family and friends and experiencing different cuisines through travel.

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Stellenbosch University – 1990

I have worked as a paediatric Occupational Therapist for 33 years in a wide variety of roles in England, South Africa and Australia. I have provided both individual and group therapy and worked with a variety of diagnosis. I trained in Sensory Integration while working in England and have specialist knowledge and experience of Sensory processing and Emotional Regulation. I have worked for the Department of Education Queensland as a consultative therapist in schools and specialised in Autism when I worked for AAWA for 8 years. I have experience working under NDIS and providing reports and assessments such as Functional Capacity Assessments, to advocate for funding.

Sensory processing
Emotional Regulation
Child Development
Assessment of function

Coming Soon!

Sarah Viney

I am an Occupational Therapist who graduated in 2018. I have a strong interest working in paediatric disability. I enjoy participating in the community as an active member of the City of Perth surf lifesaving club and play AFL for Claremont football club. In my spare time I enjoy coaching/training, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.

Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)
Circle of Security Zones of Regulation Alert Program

I have five plus years working with children with a range of disabilities. I have a thorough understanding of NDIS including writing end of summary reports, functional capacity assessments and goal setting to meet the children’s needs. I have had the pleasure of receiving mentoring from experienced Occupational Therapists in my area of interest which has supported me to develop my clinical skills. I enjoy working to meet the goals of clients in the location best suited to meeting a child’s goals either in the community, home, school, or clinic environment. I believe that consultation with family, friends, support workers, teachers and others who can support the child to achieve their goal is best practice to ensure generalisation in all relevant environments. 

My area of speciality is working with children with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and attention hyperactivity disorder; however, I also enjoy working with children with a range of disabilities and their families.

I have a strong interest in early intervention, sensory processing difficulties/disorder, emotional regulation and providing support to parents and key stake holders to achieve the goals of their child.

I enjoy participating in the community as an active member of the City of Perth surf lifesaving club and play AFL for Claremont football club. In my spare time I enjoy coaching/training, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.

Learn, play, grow

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