What we do

Our qualified clinical psychologist has experience in all childhood emotional and behavioural problems, guiding parents and engaging children to manage their way through the multitude of issues that emerge in children’s development.

Our role is to support healthy and happy development, and guide parents to support their children to be happy and fulfilled. We do this using evidence based assessment and treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and parenting guidance. 

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Meet our Team

John Gardiner​ Clinical Psychologist​

John Gardiner​

Clinical Psychologist​

John Gardiner is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years’ professional experience –  having worked as a psychologist with children, adolescents, families, couples, adults and organisations.

John worked as the Chief Clinical Psychologist at Princess Margaret Hospital for thirteen years, and has also worked as a school psychologist, clinical psychologist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and as Senior Lecturer and Clinical Director at Murdoch University. John has conducted research and has a particular clinical interest in children and adolescents with chronic health and mental health conditions, including the adjustment to diagnosis and adherence with medical plans.

Supporting healthy children.