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GP Obstetrician

GP Obstetrician

Your appointment with one of our GP Obstetricians will ensure you leave feeling supported and reassured as a new parent. Our Child Health Nurse will take measurements, discuss sleeping and feeding concerns followed by seeing the Doctor for further discussions on you and your baby's health and how you and your partner are coping as new parents.

We can perform the Six Week Check for Mum and baby. A thorough assessment of your baby's development, heart, hips and eyes. We can help with Mums recovery after birth, discuss contraceptive options and how you are coping with the adjustment having a new baby at home.

We understand that it is important for parents to feel supported and guided through the adjustment of becoming a new mother or father. Our mission is to empower parents with positive reinforcement, practical advice and inspire confidence in parents' ability to parent.

Dr Levitt is also a procedural GP who can perform Frenectomy's (tongue-tie release) on newborns. Tongue-tie can be hard to diagnose in newborns and it is important to consult with an experienced doctor for the best outcome for you and your baby. If you are having trouble breastfeeding it is recommended you consult with a Lactation Consultant for advise and assistance.

Prefer a waiting room without sick people? We offer the convenience of a "Drop-in Vaccination Clinic" on Monday afternoons between 1-3pm. No appointment necessary. Child friendly environment with a clean waiting room.

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  • Pregnancy related issues
  • Sleep and feeding
  • Mastitis
  • Growth and development
  • Reflux or Colic
  • Coping and adjustment
  • Follow up blood tests and referrals
  • Contraception options
Download our guide sheet to coping with "An Unsettled Baby" and book an appointment with our Child Health Nurse and GP Obstetrician today.


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