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Baby Steps Paediatricians provide assessment, diagnosis and evidence based management of conditions in babies and children up to 14 years of age. Consultations are child-centred, sensitive, and friendly, and assessments are tailored to the specific needs of each individual child. We take time to explain what’s happening, so that you feel fully informed, and that your child’s symptoms make sense to both you and them. 

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Dr Stephen Bilkey


Dr Stephen Bilkey is a specialist General and Developmental Paediatrician who has spent the last 13 years practicing in Perth.

After completing his training at Princess Margaret Hospital, Stephen has spent the last 7 years working as a consultant within the Child Development Service, as well as time in the areas of General Paediatrics at Midland Hospital, Renal Medicine at PCH and Neonatology at Glengarry Private Hospital.

He has particular experience with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD, as well as complex behavioural disorders. He has a particular interest in growth and development in the first year of life, and feels that this time is most important in creating a healthy and well family and child.

Stephen believes strongly in the role of the family in the well-being of the child, and understands the challenges that families go through when accessing medical care for their children. The relationship between a family and paediatrician needs to be based on trust and respect, something that is at the forefront of his mind at all times.

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