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Mealtime Building Blocks

Mealtime Building Blocks provides support for everything to do with feeding children. We specialise in helping restrictive or fussy eaters, and their families, to enjoy mealtimes.

We can help with:

  • Any issues with introduction to solids
  • Difficulty with progression through solid textures (e.g. refusal of lumpy foods)
  • Worry and stress around feeding and mealtimes
  • Difficulty in getting your child to the table
  • Refusal of food groups like meat, fruit or vegetables
  • Picky or fussy eating
  • Difficulty trying or accepting new foods
  • Only accepting a limited variety of food

Our Dietitian also specialises in managing:

  • Concerns about slow weight gain
  • Concerns about excessive weight gain
  • Healthy eating for the whole family
  • Vegetarian eating

We work with children from 6 months of age and upwards.

No referral is required to access our services.

Fees are subject to Health Insurance rebates and may be eligible for Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management program (with GP referral).


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Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian who specialises in fussy eating. She is passionate about working with picky eaters and their families to help make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone. Kyla has worked with fussy eaters for 10 years, and understands the difficulties parents face- she definitely won't tell you to "just make them eat it!" Kyla is trained in the SOS approach to feeding, and supports the use of the Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility.

Kyla also lectures in Dietetics at a Perth university and has completed her PhD in childhood obesity. You can check out her blog and weekly food product reviews at  or follow her on Facebook or Instagram