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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Sessions are always 1:1, based on lots of positive reinforcement and feedback, constant scaffolding at the level the child needs to ensure a positive learning environment so children feel comfortable, supported, excited, and motivated to stretch themselves with “just right” challenges.

Sessions are both fluid and flexible to the childs needs. The sessions are usually theme based to ensure each session is fun, stimulating, interactive and engaging. This is particularly important when children are fearful, anxious or resistant to school based activities that have been a struggle to consolidate. The focus on something fun and interesting can assist in providing extra encouragement to attempt difficult tasks. Some of the themes include magic, movies, books and animals and often include lots of unicorns, African animals, terrific underwater animals and lots of witches, monsters, frogs and dragons!!!

Sessions may include activities to address and improve functioning in some of the following areas:

Fine Motor Skills: Coordinating the small muscles of the hands in order to perform such tasks as handwriting, colouring, manipulation of small objects, hand and finger strength, cutting, drawing, pencil grip, gluing, folding and sticking activities.

Gross motor skills; Use of the large muscles of the body to perform the fundamental movement skills of hopping, running, jumping, skipping using stairs, dynamic and static balance, core strength, catching and throwing.

Within the gross and fine motor component of each session is also incorporated listening and working memory tasks, regulation and focusing/attention tasks and problem solving.

Visual perception: Making sense of what is being seen. Activities in this area will assist with reading a story, doing a puzzle, scanning, identifying numbers and letters, copying and writing.

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Kate Williams

Kate Williams has been a practicing Occupational Therapist for over 20 years within a broad range of settings and clinical experience with a particular interest is working with children from pre kindy to year 2.