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Our vasectomy doctors specialise in providing a safe, comfortable and simple procedure for men

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If your family is complete, then vasectomy is a safe and simple means of permanent contraception for men.

At Baby Steps Vasectomy Clinic in Perth, we use the advanced technique of a “Minimally Invasive Vasectomy”. This is performed through small keyholes in the scrotum. Through these keyholes the vasectomy doctor locates and cuts both vas deferens, the tubes which carry sperm from the testicles to join the semen. The upper end of the cut tube is then sealed by electrical cautery, and further tied back on itself with stitches so that there is almost no chance of the tubes ever re-connecting.

We also apply the “open-ended” technique, which means leaving the lower end of the cut tube open and untreated. Research has shown this minimises the risk of developing cysts or chronic pain after vasectomy, which occasionally occurred after traditional vasectomy techniques.

Vasectomies are performed in our clinic by our specialist, Dr Leon Levitt, an experienced GP vasectomist. The initial appointment is 30 minutes for a consultation with Dr Levitt, which is required for discussion and explanation of the vasectomy, the examination and the provision of a consent form.

The vasectomy procedure itself takes no more than 30 minutes, with another 30 minutes recovery time in clinic. Then you are sent home to rest, followed by a quiet few days at home. The procedure does not require a general anaesthetic, so you should be able relax and talk comfortably throughout the vasectomy.

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Meet our Team of Vasectomy GP’s


Dr Leon Levitt

General Practitioner

Dr Leon Levitt is a caring, experienced General Practitioner and Obstetrician, as well as the director and founder of the Baby Steps Health Centre.

Dr Levitt has consulted in family medicine in Wembley for over 30 years and during this time has delivered babies for thousands of mothers, and cared for them through early childhood. He has strong expertise in the care of infants and mothers, children, parenting and general practice procedures.

He founded Baby Steps Health Centre to enhance the delivery of health services to the young mothers of Western Australia and help them make the best start that they can to parenting.

Outside of medicine, Dr Levitt has contributed to the community through leadership of numerous charities including those dealing with parent mental health, refugees, social change and education.

Experience is everything.