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Priobiotics for your Child

The Latest on Probiotics for your Child.

There is new and ongoing research into the effectiveness of probiotics in a variety of conditions affecting our children, including ear infections, allergic rhinitis, chest and other infections.

It is a very exciting area of research. Unfortunately, the results are very mixed – showing small benefits only, and often with specific strains of lactobacilli, that are not commercially available.

The products available to us as consumers from the pharmacy and supermarket shelves are firstly often dead by the time we use them. Hence, not likely to be effective. But also, these products on our shelves are NOT the probiotic strains that have the evidence behind them.

The claims for these products are false.

Until we have clear guidelines, and proven benefit we are putting bacteria into the guts of our children at great expense and for no benefit - watch this space. Eventually we will have the answers – but NOT now.

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