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Personalised Telehealth Consultations

Specialist care at your fingertips.

From a baby GP to a speech therapist for your child, it's everything you need in one place.

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General Practitioners

Compassionate and understanding GPs for your baby or child, specifically trained in helping parents with young children.
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Skilled and caring Paediatricians to help you manage your child’s illness, complex concerns and developmental challenges.
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Lactation Consultants

Supportive and gentle Lactation Consultants with technical excellence in breastfeeding matters.
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Assisting your children to handle their anxieties and challenges, while guiding parents in how to respond to them.
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Women’s Health Physiotherapists

Gentle expert assistance with the physical recovery from birth, early breastfeeding challenges and pelvic health issues for men and women.
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Speech Pathologists

Empowering your child to overcome speech, language, stuttering, feeding and swallowing issues.
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Building confidence and mobility for children with delayed coordination and mobility, and those recovering from injury.
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Occupational Therapists

Engaging with your children to develop function, confidence and independence, through play and exercises.
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Kind, professional guidance, assesment and treatment of your child’s mobility challenges.
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Vasectomy Clinic

An outpatient vasectomy clinic where experienced surgeons provide a cost effective caring service under local anaesthetic in a friendly environment.
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Circumcision Clinic

A reputable high quality clinic providing circumcision services for babies under three months, run by Dr Leon Levitt.
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Baby Skin Eczema and Food Allergy Clinic

Confident and prompt management of eczema and food allergies in a specialty GP clinic, working in association with Perth Children’s Hospital and private specialists.
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Sleep Consultants

A gentle and responsive approach to sleep, empowering parents to support your child’s natural ability to sleep independently.

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Baby doctors to the rescue.

Right from the very first few weeks, it can be a stressful time navigating through an entire new world of parenting- from breastfeeding to settling, and everything in between.

Enter Baby Steps. What initially began with an idea out of the need for providing extra support to parents in the beginning, has now grown into unique place where parents can access the combined expertise of a variety of health professionals, and get the support, help, and care they need for their family, when they need it.

Led by experienced GP and Obstetrician Dr Leon Levitt, Baby Steps is everything you need for you, your baby, or your child, all in the one place.

Find a wide range of health services here.

Fluent in parent.

Each of the experienced child doctors and health experts focus on meeting the needs of parents when they need it most.

They listen to parents’ concerns, offer expert guidance, and provide practical take-home strategies that can make a difference in your child’s life.

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Your Wembley baby GP and health clinic.

Worried about developmental delays?

Discover the Developmental Progress Consultation.

Medical advice by specially trained GPs

Assurance when you’re on the right path, and gentle guidance when you’re not

Quicker access to Allied Health services if delays are identified

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Discover Baby Skin

Baby Skin is a new clinic for babies and children with eczema and food allergies.

No referrals needed
Personalised management plans
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