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Paediatric Continence Physiotherapists in Perth

Paediatric Continence Physiotherapists help children experiencing bladder and bowel issues by identifying the cause and prescribing treatments and exercises that restore control and independence.

In the assessment and management of paediatric continence issues, they may employ biofeedback, Real-Time Ultrasound, alarm programs for bedwetting or pelvic floor retraining to target early intervention in childhood continence problems.

Paediatric Continence Physiotherapists
at Baby Steps

Natalie Bull Paediatric Continence Physiotherapist at Baby Steps Health Centre

Natalie Bull

No one is more passionate about the bladder and bowels than Natalie, nor is anyone as excited by new research as she is. Despite her esteem as a specialist, she’s also one of the most approachable, real and caring health professionals in the domain of continence, putting patients at ease and helping them better understand themselves and their functions.

Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)
Masters in Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Pelvic Physiotherapy) from Curtin University

Over 20 years’ experience across Perth and the UK
12 years in Continence and Pelvic Health, including inpatient and private Obstetrics and Gynaecology, pelvic pain & sexual dysfunction, bladder & bowel dysfunction in men, women and children
Sessional Lecturer at Curtin University – Postgraduate Masters program in Continence and Pelvic Health

Paediatric bladder & bowel health
Functional constipation in children and adolescents
Daytime urinary incontinence and Nocturnal Enuresis
Practical guidance and support for children and families

On the go with three busy children
Never turns down a coffee
Weekend baker

Kids in control

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