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Lactation Consultation at Baby Steps

A Lactation Consultation can assist with

Painful breasts and nipples

Baby led attachment

Difficulty with attachment/ latching

Low milk supply

Balancing supply and demand

Supplementary feeding

Unsettled babies


Tongue tie assessments

Antenatal breastfeeding education

Bottle feeding issues – clicking, leaking, wind


Finding your way

Breast or bottle feeding is a cycle of ups and downs, celebrating little successes and reconciling expectations with reality. A Lactation Consultation provides guidance and support through all peaks and dips, helping you set realistic feeding expectations and achieve your nourishment goals. Through assessments and insightful tips, your specialist will usher you through the challenges of feeding, helping you find a way to nourish your baby that is right for you.

For the love of feeding

Mothers deserve thoughtful, tailored information and assistance as they progress through their feeding journey and while it might not look how you thought it would, a Lactation Consultation can bridge the gap between frustration and freedom. Inspiring confidence in mothers new and seasoned, Lactation Consultants use their invaluable blend of lived wisdom and technical scientific training to give you the best experience possible.

Nourish with confidence

Choose your LC

The Clinical Guidance Committee advise Baby Steps on all clinical matters effecting the health practitioners within our centre. It’s members gather together to discuss and develop guidelines relating to:

Meetings are held several times a year, or at the request of Baby Steps for specific clinical advice. It is lead by a chairperson and educational coordinator, elected by the group of participating health practitioners.

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