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Support and guidance for all of your child developmental concerns

For parents who are concerned about their baby or child’s development, this appointment with a GP is a step in the right direction.

Child Development Consultations in Perth

Delays in milestones, sitting, walking, language and learning

Poor mobility and coordination

Poor eye contact 


Communication challenges  

Social, emotional and behavioural issues

Signs of ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Waiting on a Paediatric Development Screening & Assessment?

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Are you worried about your child’s development? Waiting to be seen by a Paediatrician in Perth can be long and frustrating, especially if you haven’t yet received any formal diagnosis. Whatever your developmental concerns for your child or baby, there are tools you can implement today to help while you wait. Each GP at Baby Steps is specially trained in child development and can offer medical guidance, assurance when you’re on the right path, and gentle guidance and direction when you’re not. Should your child require allied health therapies, the Developmental Progress Consultation can facilitate quicker access to the appropriate service providers.

Diving into the Developmental Progress Consultation

With this specially designed 30-minute appointment, parents can get answers to their child developmental concerns while they wait for a Paediatrician’s assessment. Your GP can help you navigate the child development system and shed some light on how to meet your child’s social, emotional, and educational needs. They provide education on what constitutes ‘normal’ baby behaviour and ‘typical’ child development, as well as parenting strategies to complement your child’s language, communication, and physical development .

Early intervention over early diagnosis

While there’s currently a 2-year wait to see a Paediatrician for a Developmental Assessments in Perth, there are early intervention therapies that can help your child now. For young children, early intervention can be more helpful than an early diagnosis, and you don’t have to wait for a formal diagnosis to access the relevant allied health therapies. A Developmental Progress Consultation at Baby Steps connects you with a GP specially trained in child development and can facilitate early intervention without the wait.

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