what do I do now?

…without stress

The Parenting book
for every family.

A book by Dr Leon Levitt

Becoming a parent begins with just one moment of intimacy – a brief encounter that leads to a new life. A significant complication of a moment of passion, or, a long-awaited result of many attempts to create a family. But while becoming a parent is often easy, becoming a good parent takes some work.

What if parenting was more about us?
And less about our children?
How can we catch stress early before parenting habits are first created?

Dr Levitt offers a complete paradigm shift in his approach to babies. The newborn baby’s progressive, neurological development is completely different from the baby after four months, and therefore requires a different parental mindset.

His debut book covers topics such as:

For parents of a young baby, their family and friends, this is an indispensable guide to the basics of parenting babies... without stress.

"What do I do now?”

This is the cry of new parents alone with their child for the first time, daunted by the responsibility, and the fear of not getting it right.

It is the pain of the parent who cannot understand why their colicky baby will just not settle.

It is the voice of the mother whose seven-month-old cries all night and calls for her hourly.

It is the expression of the father unable to stop the two-year-old temper tantrum in the supermarket, no matter what he tries.

“WHAT DO I DO NOW?” is the expression identified with the stress and struggle of parenting. It is a cry to get help – to take the stress out of parenting.


This book is the answer to that cry.

Real advice for real families.

Dr Leon gets to the bottom of what makes parents worry, and instantly puts you at ease.


JILL WIFFEN, Lactation Consultant,
Midwife, Child Health Nurse Educator

Dr Leon Levitt is an experienced GP Obstetrician who has been professionally changing nappies, settling babies, caring for young children and guiding parents for over 30 years.

In What do I do now? he discusses common parental anxieties, and the overriding principles he uses in his medical practice to empower parents.