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Sleep Consultations at Baby Steps

A Sleep Consultant can help with

Unsettled babies

Reflux and colic

Night time feeding

Frequent night time waking

Early morning waking

Sleep regressions

Sleep refusal

Difficult bedtime routines

Nightmares and night terrors

Separation anxiety

Nap transitions, room transitions, bassinet-cot-bed transitions

Dummy weaning or keeping

The A to Zzzs of baby sleep

Understanding baby sleep patterns can be a lot to wrap one’s head around and unfortunately, fatigue and insomnia make the mind less malleable. When your patience is as exhausted as you are, an outside perspective is often the answer. A Sleep Consultant shares their knowledge of sleep science with parents seeking respite from their child’s disrupted slumber, leaving them more energised and confident in their ability to implement healthy sleep habits in their household.

Hit snooze on insomnia

While sleeplessness is expected in the early days of parenting, it isn’t easy. Dealing with a baby who sleeps 18 hours a day (but never in blocks of more than 4) can be a nightmare from which there is no waking. A Sleep Consultation provides gentle strategies and adjustments that cater to parents’ specific needs while supporting a child’s ability to thrive through each developmental stage. Surviving newborn sleep patterns is possible – sometimes, you just need the right help.

Wake up well

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