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Podiatry at Baby Steps

As little ones find their footing and begin to explore crawling and walking, their bones strengthen and their arches start to take shape. It is around this time that irregularities in their gait may appear, like in-toeing (walking with toes pointing inward) or out-toeing (the opposite). If behaviours persist past age two, a Podiatrist can assess and provide any necessary manual therapies, exercises or treatments.

Podiatry areas of expertise

Flat feet

Toe walking

Ingrown toenails

Painful feet – joint and tendon pain, muscular pain, shin splints and calf pain, chronic pain and arthritis

In-toeing and out-toeing

Club foot

Clumsy walking

Growing pains

Poor posture

Sporting injuries and rehabilitation

Dry needling

Strapping and massage

Custom orthotics

The problem with tiny feet

From flat feet to ingrown toenails to warts, it’s not unusual for children to face a myriad of foot trouble in the early years. The young foot experiences all sorts of environments – public pools and showers, shoes that fit yesterday but not today – and there are often simple solutions that will alleviate pain and prevent further issues arising. Paediatric Podiatry gets to the bottom of these issues and helps your child walk without limitation.

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The Clinical Guidance Committee advise Baby Steps on all clinical matters effecting the health practitioners within our centre. It’s members gather together to discuss and develop guidelines relating to:

Meetings are held several times a year, or at the request of Baby Steps for specific clinical advice. It is lead by a chairperson and educational coordinator, elected by the group of participating health practitioners.

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