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Dietitians at Baby Steps

Dietitian areas of expertise

Fussy eaters

Nutrition gaps

Growth faltering

Coeliac disease

Eosinophilic esophagitis

Food intolerances

Sensory dysfunction and food intake

Gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, irritable bowel syndrome)

Chronic disease management through nutrition

Setting the table

From the broccoli averse to the gastrointestinally compromised, a Paediatric Dietitian is well-versed in what nourishes the child while understanding how to support parents through stressful mealtimes. Fostering a healthy relationship with food is crucial in the management of fussy eating, gut issues and chronic health conditions, and seeing a Dietitian is a great way to learn lifelong healthy eating habits.

What’s for dinner?

A Paediatric Dietitian develops strategies specific to your child’s nutritional needs that can be implemented in the home. Healthy eating can look different for different people but what’s universal is the link between diet and a child’s wellbeing. Factors like age, medical and developmental conditions can influence a child’s food intake and energy output, which are taken into account when formulating a plan. The focus is on creating a positive mealtime experience and to promote food as something to enjoy, not just to fuel.

The mind body relationship

From day dot, what an infant eats influences their development in childhood and beyond. Our diet regulates our microbiome and without diving in too deep, can provide the blueprint for how the body digests food and protects from disease. Rewrite the code with good nutrition early on and your child will have strong foundations for their relationship with food later in life.

Curb your stress

Book a Dietitian

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