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Paediatric Psychology at Baby Steps

For children feeling weighed down by life’s stressors, having someone alleviate them can make a significant difference to their overall health and happiness. Paediatric Psychology deals with the common psychological and behavioural challenges that can arise throughout different stages of child development. It provides children struggling with their mental health and wellbeing a safe environment, a non-judgemental ear and strategies to help them process what they’re feeling in an effective, sustainable way. When a child is confident in articulating their worries and has the tools to reconcile them, it’s a lot easier to navigate life’s little bumps in the road.

A Paediatric Psychologist can assist you with

Anxiety and stress

Poor attention and concentration

Low mood

Grief and trauma

Behavioural problems


Eating issues

Sleeping trouble

Withdrawal and low confidence

Managing chronic illness

Unlocking the child brain

Whether issues stem from school, social relationships, grief or trauma, a Paediatric Psychologist approaches the child’s experience with sensitivity and empathy, serving as an impartial support they can trust. They provide every child with the tools for managing both their specific issues and life’s general stressors, building resilience and helping them navigate with clarity and confidence.

Meaning in growth

Strong mental health requires support and collaboration to ensure it lasts. Paediatric Psychology supports the family as a whole by helping parents understand where their child’s emotional or behavioural challenges are coming from as they grow, and teaching them how to respond to these issues in a way that encourages positive change.

Healthy young minds

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