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A two-pronged approach to tongue ties with a GP and Lactation Consultant

In this thorough appointment, two specialists work together to assess your baby’s breastfeeding issues and tongue mobility, determining a) if there is a tongue tie and b) if it needs releasing. A GP and Lactation Consultant will observe a full feed and discuss the diagnosis and treatment. You will receive a management plan based on their assessment findings and personalised advice about the best option for you and your baby.

Your GP and Lactation Consultant will assist with

Feeding difficulties and attachment

Prominent tongue or lip tie

Structural and motility breastfeeding analysis

Specialist referrals (Paediatric Dentist, or Surgeon)

Management plans

Frenectomy (tongue tie release) where deemed necessary

A taste of objectivity

In our experience, a third of babies we see with tongue tie do not require a release (frenectomy) to get feeding back on track. The specialists at Baby Steps prioritise objectivity when conducting their tongue tie assessments so as not to undertake unnecessary procedures. Your GP and Lactation Consultant will provide education on the signs of a tongue tie and what they mean, personalised management plans based on the degree of feeding difficulty and transparent, objective advice on whether the tongue tie needs to be released. This appointment helps parents make an informed choice about their child and establishes ongoing support with a Lactation Consultant if needed.

What to expect from your Tongue Tie Assessment

90-minute consultation If determined necessary, a frenectomy can be performed during the appointment at no out of pocket cost (only on babies under 4 months)

Meet your Tongue Tie specialists

Get untwisted

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