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Booking a circumcision at Perth Circumcision Clinic

Circumcision is a common practice in the newborn period, performed all around the world for medical and cultural reasons. Dr Leon Levitt runs Perth Circumcision Clinic out of Baby Steps and offers a professional, non-judgemental service for parents wishing to circumcise their newborn sons. Dr Levitt has over 30 years’ experience in performing neonatal circumcisions (i.e. babies under 3 months) and provides thorough education to families so that they fully understand the process and can make an informed decision.

Circumcision aftercare at Baby Steps

Dr Leon Levitt will provide all aftercare advice and instructions during your appointment and provide you with take-home information. Following the procedure, you will have access to follow up care over the phone with Dr Levitt 24 hours a day for any questions or concerns. All other details about circumcisions performed at Baby Steps can be found at

How to book

As circumcision is a personal choice, Baby Steps’ process for booking ensures that each family is catered to personally. To book a circumcision: Call Baby Steps’ reception on 08 9387 2844 or email and request booking information A staff member will discuss the details and offer you appointment availability via a phone conversation You will receive an email containing all required information about the procedure and your appointment details Appointments are 2 hours and provide ample time for any questions, advice from Dr Leon Levitt and post-procedure settling

Call or Email Reception to Book

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