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Pelvic Physiotherapy at Baby Steps

Pelvic health is something you don’t know you’ve got until it’s gone. Often, pelvic health issues are preventable and early intervention can make all the difference. Pelvic Physios provide personal, considerate guidance and treatment, so that you can regain control, confidence and independence.

Pelvic Physio areas of expertise

Pelvic floor pain

Bladder leakage

Bowel leakage



Bladder Frequency

Bladder Urgency

Vaginal dryness

Fussy feeders

Vulvar pain

Pain or discomfort with sex

For women

Gynaecological and post-menopausal issues are common setbacks to participating in the day-to-day things you enjoy, but the truth is that they are largely treatable. Pelvic Physiotherapists help women in every stage of life strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, prescribing personalised plans and exercises that result in greater control and quality of life.

For men

  Pelvic issues like erectile dysfunction, chronic groin pain and post-prostate surgery incontinence are difficult to manage, and men (who are less likely to seek medical help already) are prone to suffering in silence. Pelvic Physios can help retrain the pelvic floor through prescribed exercises, minimising recovery time from prostate cancer surgery and inspiring men to take control of their pelvic health.  

For every body

Incontinence, sexual pain or discomfort and pelvic organ prolapse don’t discriminate and they have limiting effects on happiness and wellbeing. A Pelvic Physio has specialised training in all areas of pelvic health and the ability to enact real change in the lives of their patients.

Making the uncomfortable less so

For many people experiencing pelvic health issues, vulnerability and a sense of embarrassment make it difficult to seek help. Pelvic Physios have a way of making sensitive subjects easier to approach, putting patients at ease by providing a space free of judgement and fostering a relationship based on trust and empathy.

Unlock your pelvic potential

Choose your Pelvic Physio

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