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Midwifery at Baby Steps

The endorsed midwives at Baby Steps have extensive experience in providing women-centred care. Throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond, midwives offer crucial support for mothers. Midwives at Baby Steps specialise in antenatal care, antenatal classes and postnatal services, and consult with other specialists for better holistic care of their patients.

A Midwife can assist with

Antenatal classes

Preparing for birth

Care and supervision for pregnant women

Breastfeeding support and advice

Obtaining specialist assistance

Birth interventions

Labour and birth assistance

Pain management

Patient education

Postpartum care and support

Emotional support and anxiety reduction

Easing you through

Most major life events are tinged with anxiety and birth is no exception. But it’s reassuring to know that there’s someone in your corner, holding your hand (both figuratively and perhaps literally) and easing you through. Midwives provide unparalleled support and compassion before, during and after this life-altering moment, transforming trepidation into joy and inspiring confidence in new mothers.

Your maternity manager

Having a baby comes with a lot of life admin – scheduling scans, organising specialist appointments, planning for birth – and it couldn’t come at a more inconvenient time. A midwife is the perfect middle manager, taking the stress-inducing tasks off your plate and ensuring that your journey from pregnancy to postpartum goes as smoothly as possible.

Maternity made simple

Choose your Midwife

The Clinical Guidance Committee advise Baby Steps on all clinical matters effecting the health practitioners within our centre. It’s members gather together to discuss and develop guidelines relating to:

Meetings are held several times a year, or at the request of Baby Steps for specific clinical advice. It is lead by a chairperson and educational coordinator, elected by the group of participating health practitioners.

Baby Steps supports the independent businesses of:

If you’re looking for support, contact our Practice Manager Michelle Bredemeyer
08 9387 2844