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Baby Steps family GPs are specially trained in meeting parent’s needs. All the family doctors have expertise in …

Each of the family GPs will listen to your questions and provide age-appropriate counselling on topics such as child behaviour, discipline, nutrition and exercise, learning and education, and much more. 

Centrally located in Wembley, the GPs at Baby Steps family medical practice provide care and service to patients from the nearby suburbs such as Subiaco, Floreat, and the surrounding Perth suburbs. This convenient location allows us to be close to major mother and baby health specialists.

Family GPs that specialise in

6 weeks at Baby Steps

Your 6-week check should do more than just check a box.

Having a baby changes everything. Your mood, body, bladder control, energy… And so, every part of you needs to be cared for.

A little support can transform your experience of motherhood.

Your 6-week milestone is a chance to establish a network that will support you for life.

That’s why individual allied health professionals and women’s health GP’s have come together at Baby Steps in Perth to provide care for ALL of you.

Your 6-week journey

Baby GP Check

The first step

A Baby Steps GP will check your baby’s growth and development, screen for potential health issues and discuss feeding concerns. They will also talk through your experience of pregnancy, birth and the challenges of early parenting. Includes all baby immunisations.

Mother GP Check

Healing for mum, inside and out

A complete medical review of your health and wellbeing, including a physical examination by a Baby Steps GP or GP Obstetrician. They can help with unresolved issues from pregnancy, feeding concerns, postnatal recovery issues, wound healing and contraception.

Postnatal Body Check

A priority for every mum

Our Genesis Physiotherapists can help you with recovery from birth, returning to exercise, returning to sex, avoiding incontinence and building core strength.

Parent Wellbeing Consultation

Don't struggle alone

If you’re not coping with parenting, or experiencing anxiety, the best thing you can do for you and your baby, is to speak with your Baby Steps GP. You’re never alone and we’re here to help.

Baby Physio Check

Kickstart your baby's development

Learn manual handling techniques and fun activities to promote motor development and spatial awareness. Includes a full body screening by the Applied Motion Physiotherapists.

Breastfeeding Consultation

Personal support to nourish you baby

Our Lactation Consultants offer gentle guidance and expertise in unsettled babies, tongue and lip tie, fussy feeding, low supply, bottle feeding, poor attachment, sleepy feeding, and low weight gain.

Sleep Consultation

Better sleep will change your life

Your Sleep Consultant from Sleep Thrive Grow has a gentle and responsive approach to sleep health, and can help you get the rest you need, so you can find the joy in caring for your baby.

Bundle and Save

book all 7 consultations and pay as little as $600 after rebates

choose any 4 consultations for as little as $380 out of pocket (to a maximum of $520)

Meet the Team

Dr Leon Levitt

General Practitioner

Dr Leon Levitt is a caring, experienced General Practitioner and Obstetrician, as well as the director and founder of the Baby Steps Health Centre.

Dr Levitt has consulted in family medicine in Wembley for over 30 years and during this time has delivered babies for thousands of mothers, and cared for them through early childhood. He has strong expertise in the care of infants and mothers, children, parenting and general practice procedures.

He founded Baby Steps Health Centre to enhance the delivery of health services to the young mothers of Western Australia and help them make the best start that they can to parenting.

Outside of medicine, Dr Levitt has contributed to the community through leadership of numerous charities including those dealing with parent mental health, refugees, social change and education.

Dr Anita Calalesina

General Practitioner

Dr Anita Calalesina completed her postgraduate degree in Medicine at the University of Notre Dame in 2010 following bachelor degrees in Science and Arts.

She has worked in several Perth hospitals in both adult and paediatric medicine including Royal Perth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital, and subsequently travelled to the UK to complete a Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene in Liverpool. She returned to pursue further training in General Practice and obtained Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Calalesina is passionate about promoting preventative health and patient education. She enjoys all aspects of General Practice and family care, with a strong interest in women’s health, pregnancy and post-natal care, paediatrics, and chronic disease management.

In addition to her professional career Anita enjoys spending quality time with her husband and young son, getting outdoors and being physically active. She practised ballet for many years and also enjoys yoga.

Dr Ash Adhikari

General Practitioner

Dr Adhikari graduated in Medicine from the University of Western Australia in 2011 and spent several years working on the east coast before coming back to sunny WA. 

She earned her Diploma of Child Health while working at the Westmead Children’s Hospital, and her Fellowship from the Australian College of General Practitioners.

Professionally, she has developed a special interest in supporting caregivers through the early years of childrearing. She believes in providing a safe, non-judgemental space to discuss the difficulties that can occur with both healthy children and those with medical concerns.

She values a holistic approach to medicine, and offers practical problem-solving strategies to assist children and families. As a mother herself she understands the importance of early, individualised support, and is committed to caring for all family units, whatever that may look like.

When not working she attempts to cook (but not burn the toast), enjoys travel (when she gets the time) and finds ‘dad jokes’ highly amusing.

Dr Claire de Burgh

General Practitioner

Dr Claire de Burgh graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2010 and has since worked in hospitals in both Perth and Sydney.

While in Sydney she earned a Diploma of Child Health and went on to achieve  Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She worked for a number of years as a GP in Sydney before returning to Perth to continue her practice. 

Dr de Burgh is passionate about providing postnatal support to new families, and has an interest in breastfeeding medicine, an area of ongoing study for her. She enjoys all aspects of paediatric care, and forming relationships with young and growing families. 

When not working Dr de Burgh enjoys family life at home with two young kids and a dog. She enjoys yoga and cooking, but has a bit less time for these than she used to!

Dr Amy Powles

General Practitioner

Dr Amy Powles graduated in Medicine from UWA in 2009.  After working at Fremantle Hospital and regional centres, Amy spent 18 months working in Paediatrics at both Joondalup Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.

She completed a Diploma of Child Health at this time. Subsequently Amy obtained her Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners while working in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Amy enjoys providing holistic health care for children and families. Amy feels privileged to be a GP and values establishing trusting relationships with patients and spending the time to address their health concerns.

Amy is passionate about supporting breastfeeding within the community and in helping mothers and babies with breastfeeding difficulties. She is currently furthering her skills in breastfeeding medicine.

Outside of work Amy enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and husband.  When she gets a rare moment to herself, she loves to read or attempt a jog!

Dr Tahira Bhatti

General Practitioner

Tahira started her career as a Registered Nurse, before going on to study postgraduate medicine at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

Her interest has always been in the area of women’s health, particularly Obstetrics. She spent some years working in both Perth and Sydney where she completed her Advanced Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

She practiced as a procedural GP Obstetrician in Albany whilst completing her GP training.

Nat Bale

Natalie Bale

Registered Nurse

Natalie has been nursing for ten years. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Curtin University, whilst training as an elite athlete in the sport of rowing.

Natalie initially worked at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital in orthopaedics and neurology, before moving into private practice and eventually working at Baby Steps, which she describes as her ‘perfect job.’

Natalie is an Olympic rower. She represented Australia at the Beijing Olympics, after a brilliant junior career, winning gold and silver medals at the World Junior Championships. Natalie also medalled at the Senior World Rowing Championships and Rowing World Cup Regattas, and held scholarships at both the Australian and Western Australian Institutes of Sport.

She is passionate about children’s health and development, helping babies and young parents in the critical early years.

Natalie aims to finish her child health postgraduate studies whilst working at Baby Steps and caring for her wonderful and energised four year old son, Jack. Natalie is a devoted West Coast Eagles fan who enjoys travelling, exploring new places, DIY and renovation projects and giving back to the community through sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and families. 

Natalie will always greet you at Baby Steps with a big smile and is always happy to answer any questions whether they are big or small.

jo jacobs

Jo Jacobs

Registered Nurse

Jo has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years and feels lucky to have found a career in nursing. She trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and then completed her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Flinders University in Adelaide.

Most of her professional experience is in emergency nursing, nursing management and practice nursing.

She lived and worked in Canada for 10 years, during which time she gave birth to identical twin boys. A move back to Adelaide saw her return to emergency nursing, this time at Flinders Medical Centre, a major metropolitan trauma centre.

Since relocating to Perth in 2008 she worked for 10 years in General Practice, until she found Baby Steps, which she describes as the best job she has ever had. She feels lucky to be a part of the Baby Steps team, as she really enjoys the contact with babies and new mums, and also assisting with minor procedures.

Outside of work, she loves exploring WA by caravan, spending time with her spoodle dog Bella, and travelling down to the wine regions of the South West and South Australia.

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