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Clearing up all your eczema concerns

Don’t let your child put up with eczema. The GPs at Baby Steps specialise in diagnosing and treating eczema and will provide you with a personalised eczema management plan to take home and implement into your baby or child’s routine. With support from Paediatric Immunologists, Dermatologists and Dietitians, your GP can help you easily access specialist care if needed. Whether dealing with rashes, bacterial infections or recurring eczema, all parents leave this appointment with the confidence to bring eczema under control.

Your Eczema specialist will assist with


Suitable skincare

Recurring eczema

Bacterial infections

Food allergy links

The essence of the Eczema Consultation

Based on management guidelines developed in accordance with Perth Children’s Hospital, the Baby Skin Eczema Consultation is a chance to discuss ideal daily skin and bath routines, dermatologist recommended skincare products, best practice topical treatments, triggers and irritants to avoid, the food allergy link, and managing flare-ups. Patients are provided with a Personalised Eczema Management Plan which includes diagnosis, goals, treatment and resources.

What to expect from your Eczema Consultation

30-minute appointment | You will be asked to please complete an eczema survey prior to your appointment via SMS

Meet your Eczema specialists

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