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Physio in pregnancy & the postnatal period

Pregnancy & Postnatal Physio areas of expertise

Altered posture

Bladder leakage or reduced sensation

Breastfeeding issues (mastitis, cracked nipples, blocked ducts)



Pelvic floor issues (prolapse, vaginal heaviness)

Back pain & sciatica

Returning to exercise

Returning to sex

Pelvic and back pain

Core strength

Recovery from birth

Episiotomy or perineal tear pain

Perineal swelling or tears

Vulvar pain

Vaginismus (pain with sex)

Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (separation between the abdominals)

Nerve injuries following delivery

Caesarean Scar pain

Postnatal Body Checks

Your guide to recovery

When embarking on a journey as life changing as pregnancy, having the support of qualified health providers is invaluable. Pregnancy and Postnatal Physios have critical knowledge and experience in how to navigate women through the common physical changes that pop up pre and post delivery. They help you prepare your body for birth and provide strategies for minimising the physical effects that can result, as well as treating conditions that pop up along the way. More than this, Pregnancy and Postnatal Physios provide emotional support and understanding to help you process the changes occurring throughout pregnancy and beyond. When all focus shifts to the baby after birth, your Physiotherapist is there looking out for you.

Telling it like it is

While pregnancy is a profound, transformative experience, many women’s realities differ from the idealised portrayal they’ve been given from society. Pregnancy and Postnatal Physios understand intimately how challenging this can be to reconcile; if what you experience during or after pregnancy does not fit your expectations, they may be the greatest asset you have. They can identify and help you manage common conditions and postnatal complications while advising on techniques for coping with physical changes. They will implement early interventions so that you don’t have to put up with leakage, pains and niggles that are treatable or preventable.

Moving safely

For women who are pregnant or have given birth, it can be difficult to tell when returning to exercise is safe. A visit with a Pregnancy and Postnatal Physio will provide you with an individualised exercise plan (including pelvic floor exercises) that will help you maintain core strength, posture and body alignment. They can identify any musculoskeletal issues that may cause discomfort and provide you with personalised guidance on which exercises to implement in different stages of your recovery.

Bounce forward

Choose your Pregnancy & Postnatal Physio

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