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6 week baby checks
Sleeping solutions
Breastfeeding assessments
Tongue tie assessments


Child development assessments
Speech therapy
Eczema and food allergy solutions
Mobility and coordination assessments
Paediatric psychology 

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Parenting advice
Postnatal physiotherapy
Continence care
Breast care

We are a private billing practice with rebates available from Medicare for GPs, Paediatricians, Psychologists* and Eczema Nurse Specialists from your private insurer. Additionally, Medicare rebates for some allied health care professionals may be available if a GP provides a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. Ask your GP for such a referral, or see our GPs to assist you. All immunisations are bulk billed. 

*Medicare rebates for Psychologists require a GP Mental Health Care Plan before being able to claim. Our GPs can assist with this if your GP is unavailable.

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