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Parenting tips from a Perth GP

Becoming a parent is a life altering occurrence and while the early days are often deemed the hardest, getting advice and support through any stage of parenting can be invaluable. There’s no manual to raising a child and looking after yourself in the process but there are professional perspectives that can help shape your experience. GPs in baby and child health have specialist knowledge to share that can benefit new parents and established family raisers alike, and they’re only an appointment away.

Your GP can assist with

Crying babies

Fussing babies

Settling techniques

Learning how to respond to your child or baby

Dealing with parental worry and stress

Checking what’s normal and what’s not

Age-appropriate attachment

Building resilience in your child

Getting your child to listen

Learning the difference between a healthy child vs. a sick child

Self-care survival strategies

How to support children emotionally

Protecting yourself from overwhelm

How to explain things to your child

Responding to newborns vs. older children

Safe sleeping strategies

Shaping child behaviour through positive parenting

Who asked you?

It’s easy to feel judged as a parent and more often than not, it happens when you haven’t asked for input. The GPs at Baby Steps are on hand to offer practical, non-judgemental advice to those who ask for it, along with strategies that can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with being a parent. Your parenting experience is entirely specific to you, and your GP factors this in before recommending changes that they think will help.

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