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Paediatric Continence Physiotherapy at Baby Steps

Paediatric Continence Physiotherapy is concerned with the assessment and treatment of bladder and bowel issues in children. Your Baby Steps Paediatric Continence Physio can help with a myriad of conditions or behaviours, such as bedwetting, urinary tract infections, overactive bladder and voiding dysfunction. Early intervention is paramount in de-escalating children’s toileting issues and helping them regain confidence and control.

A Paediatric Continence Physio can assist with

Bedwetting – during the day and night

Urgency and frequency


Bowel leakage/soiling

Toilet training

Patient and parent education

Pelvic floor retraining

Urinary tract infections

Overactive bladder syndrome

Voiding dysfunction

Bladder diaries

School and kindergarten liaison

Back to regular

Bladder or bowel issues can affect a child’s self esteem and ability to fully partake in everyday activities. Seeing a Paediatric Continence Physio can educate your child on their own inner workings and identify opportunities for behaviour change. With child-centred care and language, your specialist can foster deeper trust with their patients and provide better treatment outcomes for your child.

Happy, continent kids

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