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Child food allergy testing, advice & treatment in Perth

Getting the right advice on child food allergies is important; getting it at the right time is even more so. The GPs at Baby Steps are specially trained in food allergies and will help you crack the code of what’s causing them, before they worsen. Food Allergy Consultation patients leave with a better understanding of their child’s triggers and how to manage them to prevent flare-ups in the future.

Your Food Allergy specialist will assist with


The link between food allergies and eczema

Every allergy under the sun (nut, egg, dairy, soy, shellfish, to name a few)

You are what you eat

A Food Allergy Consultation gets to the bottom of food allergies, helping patients differentiate between mild and serious reactions, providing education on alternative causes for allergic symptoms, implementing elimination diets and food sensitivity challenges, and highlighting the need for allergy testing. If you’re a parent wondering how to safely introduce solids to your baby, this appointment can provide you with the strategies to do so effectively. All patients will receive a Personalised Food Allergy Management Plan for use beyond the clinic.

What to expect from your Food Allergy Consultation

30-minute consultation You will be asked to complete a food allergy survey prior to your appointment via SMS

Meet your Food Allergy GPs

Feed without fear

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