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The postnatal check that’s just for mum

This appointment can be combined with the 6 Week Baby GP Check and offers a medical review of your health and wellbeing after giving birth, including a physical examination by a GP Obstetrician. Get help with unresolved issues from pregnancy, feeding concerns, postnatal recovery issues, wound healing and contraception.

Your GP can assist with

Medical issues from pregnancy or delivery (gestational diabetes, anaemia, pre-eclampsia)

Wound recovery

Postnatal recovery issues (wound healing, perineal pain, breast pain)

Breast and bottle feeding

The emotions of early parenting (frustration, anxiety, sadness, overwhelm)

Birth trauma from delivery

Keeping mum

In the first 6 weeks postpartum, all focus seems to shift to your baby. The 6 Week Mother GP Check is an appointment that not only acknowledges the importance of postnatal care for mothers, but acts on it. This appointment led by a GP is an opportunity to process your experience of pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood, assess your postpartum breast health, discuss contraception and returning to sex, and devise a plan for returning to exercise. Your GP will also assess your maternal wellbeing and complete the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale for your postpartum mental health.

What to expect from your 6 Week Mother GP Check

30-minute appointment | Make sure to request one of the GP Obstetricians

Meet your GPs

Mum Matters

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