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Understanding your child’s behaviour and how to respond!

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program isn’t a single program, but rather a suite of interventions of increasing intensity. It is one of the few parenting programs that can offer targeted interventions for parents of children from birth–16 years.   At Baby Steps Health Centre we offer GROUP TRIPLE P (Level 4), a broad-based parenting intervention delivered over five…
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Sore Nipples and Breasts! Is it normal?

Nipple and breast pain  Some discomfort is normal in the first week of breastfeeding is common but if pain persists it is important to seek help as early as possible. Sore nipples In the first few weeks the most common cause of sore nipples is due to positioning and attachment issues. Having an International Board…
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What is Paced Bottle Feeding?

Paced bottle feeding Paced bottle feeding is a method of feeding a baby with a bottle in a way that may protect the breastfeeding relationship and is also great for exclusively formula fed babies. Bottle feeding continues to be the most common way to give babies extra milk though some mothers may choose to offer…
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Its Not Your Fault

Its Not Your Fault. Has this generation of parents inherited a new world where babies cry more than in previous generations, where Breast feeding is more difficult than before, where babies are more demanding than they were for their own parents? I don’t think so. Parents are trying more than ever before to get it…
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