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5 Things Every Parent Gets Wrong

5 Things Every Parent Gets Wrong 1. We think that if our baby is crying there is something wrong. 2. We think that it is our job to stop our baby from crying 3. We think that our children should learn the lessons that we are trying to teach them….now! 4. We think that it…
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Would you like to know more about caring for babies and children with eczema?

[caption id="attachment_6812" align="alignnone" width="300"] Children's Eczema Care[/caption]Children’s Eczema Care works with babies, children and families to help manage eczema well. Clinic appointments include: • A detailed assessment for your child • A personal eczema management plan • Advice on correct use of treatments Eczema workshops cover: • What eczema is • Ways to keep it…
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Understanding your child’s behaviour and how to respond!

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program isn’t a single program, but rather a suite of interventions of increasing intensity. It is one of the few parenting programs that can offer targeted interventions for parents of children from birth–16 years.   At Baby Steps Health Centre we offer GROUP TRIPLE P (Level 4), a broad-based parenting intervention delivered over five…
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Sore Nipples and Breasts! Is it normal?

Nipple and breast pain  Some discomfort is normal in the first week of breastfeeding is common but if pain persists it is important to seek help as early as possible. Sore nipples In the first few weeks the most common cause of sore nipples is due to positioning and attachment issues. Having an International Board…
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