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I Hate Having To Go To The Toilet All The Time!

 I HATE HAVING TO GO TO THE TOILET ALL THE TIME How many women complain that they find it a nuisance to have to empty there bladder so frequently? How much is too much ? It is considered normal to empty your bladder roughly 7 times a day & once at night. This will vary…
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Just a fussy eater?

Perhaps one of the most satisfying moments in being a parent is when a young child tucks in to your carefully prepared meal with glee, and perhaps one of the most soul destroying moments is when your child refuses to even try the dish you have thoughtfully prepared. Around a quarter of parents report that…
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Do You Have a “Wee” Problem?

Do you ever have the sudden, overwhelming urge to urinate and yet your bladder is not even full? Or maybe you get that sudden urge and then leak on the way to the toilet? If you answered yes to any of these then you may just have urinary urgency or urge urinary incontinence. This blog…
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How to choose an Obstetrician! Avoid these 5 things….

1. Indecisiveness - we mostly need our obstetrician when things go pear shaped, and at those times we need them to act quickly and confidently. We cannot afford a wishy-washy obstetrician. 2. Grunting - we need them to talk to us, to communicate, to explain and show empathy. So make sure they have at least…
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