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Speech Pathology at Baby Steps

Speech Pathology involves reading between the lines of what’s unsaid and drawing language from the lips of those struggling to communicate. Its practitioners know the value of patience, when early intervention is required, and the liberation that comes from self expression. For the love of literacy, see a Speechie.

A Speech Pathologist can assist with

Speech and sound development

Difficulties with learning language (late talkers)

Cognitive development (listening, attention, preverbal skills)

Social and play skills

Fluency (stuttering)

Literacy (learning to read and write)

Feeding and swallowing therapy

Voice therapy

Phonological/articulation disorders

Communication skills for children with disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy)

Baby’s first words

There’s no time like yesterday to check your baby’s verbal progress. Studies show that the earlier infants are exposed to language, the sooner they develop it. If you’re concerned that your infant might not be meeting their developmental milestones, seek a specialist ear.

Amplifying the little voice

Speech Pathology offers screening assessments upon request from schools (Kindergarten to Pre-primary grade) to evaluate speech, language and early literacy skills in order to provide feedback to the schools and allow early intervention where required. The therapies Speech Pathologists provide are tailored to each child and appeal to their sense of play, ensuring that all learning is fun and stimulating.

Stimulating self expression

If your love language is honesty, then speech therapy can help you find your true voice. Whether you struggle with a communication disorder or would like your voice to affirm your identity, Speech Pathologists offer voice training to people of all ages and requirements who wish to express themselves fully.

Let’s talk

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