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Developmental Progress Consultation

Solutions for all your developmental concerns.

For parents who are concerned about their baby or child’s development, this appointment with a GP is a step in the right direction.

Waiting on a Paediatric Development Screening & Assessment?

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Are you worried about your child’s development? Waiting to be seen by a Paediatrician in Perth can be long and frustrating, especially if you haven’t yet received any formal diagnosis. Whatever your developmental concerns for your child or baby, there are tools you can implement today to help while you wait. Each GP at Baby Steps is specially trained in child development. They can offer medical guidance, assurance when you’re on the right path, and gentle guidance and direction when you’re not. They are trained to recognise which allied health therapies might be required and get you quicker access to allied health services if issues are identified.   

Child Development Consultations in Perth

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What you need to know about your Developmental Progress Consultation

30 minute appointment

No worry or concern is ever taken lightly  

Make sure to bring your purple book and of course your baby or child too! 

This appointment is for you if

It is NOT a formal Paediatric Developmental Screening or Assessment.

What you will get  

The Clinical Guidance Committee advise Baby Steps on all clinical matters effecting the health practitioners within our centre. It’s members gather together to discuss and develop guidelines relating to:

Meetings are held several times a year, or at the request of Baby Steps for specific clinical advice. It is lead by a chairperson and educational coordinator, elected by the group of participating health practitioners.

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If you’re looking for support, contact our Practice Manager Michelle Bredemeyer
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